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As Mazi Orman Urunleri, we have started our journey to transform the forest products that have commercial significance in the construction sector into living spaces suitable for the texture of nature by using them in all areas of life, in all kinds of environments. Since our foundation in 1960, we have been proud of being the preferred company in the forest products sector in our facilities that we have strengthened with advanced technological machinery, equipments and qualified personnel without allowing any quality difference with the help of many instruments from production to sale. OUR PRODUCT RANGE AND PRODUCTION FACILITY In our company headquarters, we have regional distributorship and sales representation of producer companies operating in Turkey and in the international market such as chipboard, melamine coated chipboard, Mdf, Mdflam, etc. and the wholesale and retail sale of these products is made. In addition, it carries out the wholesale and retail sales of panel door surface, cover profile, ready-made caps, solid, laminate and laminated parquet, insulation products, OSB, plywood, plyboard, glue and so on. The import group within our company supplies pine, larex, spruce derived kiln lumber and laminated timber elements from Ukraine, Siberia, Sweden, Finland and Balkan Countries to meet your needs. At our Starwood Construction Market store within the headquarters, the companies operating in the construction and wooden furniture decoration sector as well as our end consumer customers can find all kinds of construction and decoration consumables at the most affordable prices and at the same point. Located in the center of Denizli on 15.000 m2, our wooden production facility which has a state-of-the-art machinery park and qualified personnel is producing a wide range of wood products with international standards and quality. In addition to the above mentioned products, our company continuously renews and develops its product range in accordance with the needs and demands of the sector, without compromising the quality.
We are manufacture and supply; wholesale timber, wholesale timbers, timber footing, timber footings, lumber, lumbers, octopus footed wood, octopus footed woods, fiskos feet, fiskos feets, wood frame, cafe table wood design Company started its operations in 1955, with the leadership of grandfather who bought old wooden buildings and manufacture semi finished timbers, lumbers from them and offer them to market. Starting in 100m2 area, company's business life now continue on 2000m2 manufacturing area, 1000m2 warehouse and 1200m2 stores.
Giresun Alsan Forest Products Inc. As of 1985, wooden - metal school furniture, school desk production with experienced, expert staff on the area of 10,000 m2 in the plant is done with seriousness and rigor without compromising quality. Our products are manufactured as Giresun Alsan Brand with 2 Year Warranty. Place the turkey in the school as a guarantee that bring the first of our company are Proud of Being.
Akkuzu Wood as our business life began in 1975, a corporation in 1985 and continued his business activities. Certificate of competency in the service area of ​​our company in 2007, the Organized Industrial Zone m2s off the 4000 area of ​​over 10,000 m2 area has been moved to modern production facilities. Akkuzu Wood with the latest technological innovations to have the machine park and trained and experienced technical staff; * Borders, production of parquet and stone palette locked, * Laminated wooden window production, * Wooden door production * Residential, office and gym for the production of wooden parquet floors, * Cottages, villas, wooden staircase leading to the design and manufacture of luxury housing, * Solid panel production, * Interior Architecture, realizing the production of decorative products for architects and decorators.
Sozenler Orman Urunleri was founded by father H. Osman Sozen and son Idris Sozen in 1953. Sozenler Orman Urunleri is a company that combines its products with developing technology and offers the prod
Our company, which has been following all the innovations in the construction world since the day it was founded in 1998 and continuing to work strongly to reach its customers, makes life easier for you esteemed customers and saves time. Among the main futures of our company there are providing superior customer service, continuing its innovative services, maintaining its strong and reliable company position, increasing and expanding the variety of products and services, providing innovative services which are golden rules such as developing and strengthening distribution channels and expanding the customer network day by day.
Bayrak Grup whose main activity is lumbering, has got 2 factories which manufacture timber with raw form and process them for getting ready to any structure. Also Bayrak Grup manufcatures laminated wooden door and window systems, laminated parque, laminated stairs, kitchen and bathroom furnitures. In industrial product range company has got door stile which is used for american panel doors, finger jointed door stile, door case adjusted door trim, pp doorcase, adjusted door case, american door wing, furniture doors. Copany exports lots of companies in the world such as Germany, Bulgaria, Dubai, Greece, Italy, Austria, Syria, Africa.